Curiously, to use a trivial term, the five characteristics of the slave plantations described by the historian Kenneth Stampp, are present in all the large cities that have been run for decades by the Democratic Party. From Detroit and Chicago to New York and Baltimore, through the infamous Flint or violent Cleveland: Dilapidated houses, broken families, violence, hopelessness and nihilism… It‘s the contemporary face of racism.

The ideological switch that is invoked does not hold in fact. The Democratic thesis that tries to attribute to the Republicans a new neo-slavery character is based on the fact that numerous Democratic representatives from the racist south moved to the elephant party in the 1960s. The theory collapses when we find that only two representatives, Thurmond and Watson, took the step. The rest of all those who opposed the civil rights charter, many related to the KKK, even continued to be members of the donkey party. And they’ve even been tutors for many of the Democratic leaders in recent years.

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Rafael Piñeiro-López

Rafael Piñeiro-López, escritor, ensayista y Doctor en Medicina (1994). Ha sido articulista en diarios como Periodista Digital (España) y La Razón (Argentina). Ha publicado los poemarios "Los Hombres Sabios" (Editorial NeoClub 2015) y "La Bala de Sansón" (Editorial Signum Nous, 2016). Fue fundador y editor general de la revista sobre Arte, Cultura y Pensamiento "Signum Nous". Reside en la ciudad de Miami.


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